District 9400 congratulates George Senosha from the Rotary Club of Waterkloof who will serve as District Governor of District 9400 for the Rotary year 2024/2025

MATSOBANE GEORGE SENOSHA                PROFILE - The journey of life well-travelled
Matsobane George Senosha hails from Bela-Bela from a family of nine siblings. His parents were farm laborers which made life very challenging to fend for all. He went to the Hotel School and studied various hotel causes including Hotel management. He became the first Black African to be the general manager of the Camel Hotel which was later changed to be the Bronnehof Hotel and Cabanas in Warmbaths (Bela-Bela) back in the 80’s. The Hotel later changed the name to be the Elephant Springs Hotel. He was accepted in the industry as the general manager by mainly white dominant clientele because of his backround and his ability to relate, speak and write Afrikaans languages fluently. He was also part of Tourism Board of Limpopo and the Ten Bright Stars of Warmbaths Tourism called ‘Die Sonskyn Dorp Toerisme’ where he won several awards at the Indaba Tourism Exhibitions in Kwazulu Natal’s annual Tourism Exhibitions.
He got to know about Rotary during the time when he was the general manager and was hosting Rotary Club of Warmbaths in those years. The first thing he learned about Rotary was the Four Way Test. His curiosity led him to read more about Rotary to for knowledge. He became the friend of the club as he was hosting them at his hotel and providing meals and drinks. Unfortunately at that time he could not become a member as black people and woman were not yet allowed to become Rotary members, it was a man’s club only. 
George Senosha left  the Hotel industry in 1997 to pursue a career in Retail Business. He joined the Pick n Pay Warmbaths in 1997 as the floor manager and in 1998 he was promoted to the position of store manager because of his passion and always putting his best foot forward. He is a well-experienced business man, Retailer, Hotelier and Social entrepreneur.
In 1998 he became the trend setter when against all odds he challenged Pick n Pay requesting to buy the Pick n Pay Franchise. His application was declined as the time was not yet ready.  The Pick n Pay vision was not focused on the lower LSM. In 2002 he tried again and was successful. He became the first black African to own a Pick ‘n Pay Franchise. It was at this time when the black clientele increased. Most used public transport to come to the store to patronize and support.
George decided to meet them halfway to mitigate for travelling expenses. He decided to expand his Pick n Pay Business to reach out to the Township of Soshanguve. The idea was to safe his clients from spending for the public transport and travelling to his Waterglen Pretoria store. He also wanted to break the new ground, the paradigm shift. This was also the time when Pick n Pay was not ready to take the Pick ‘n Pay to the Township. His request was also declined. It was difficult for them to agree that the Pick ‘n Pay Franchise should go to the Township. On the flip side of the coin was that majority of the community did not understand how the Pick n Pay worked, they had a myth that Pick n Pay was the most expensive store which only caters for the elite. This was call for action for George to start the awareness campaign and to educate the community about how Pick n Pay business work. All businesses are regulated by law, no store can just charge any price they wish to charge. In 2003 he tried again and his application was successful. He started working in the area until 2005 educating and creating the awareness around the Pick n Pay.  All these happened before the store was build. His approach created vast buy in and support by the community. Some of the projects he initiated created loyalty. 
On the 15 September 2005 he opened the very first Pick n Pay Franchise Store in the Township of Soshanguve next  to Mabopane train station, Taxi rank and Bus stop for easy accessibility. The Soshanguve store became the PnP flagship store..... READ MORE