As a member of Rotary, you should be able to develop your leadership, public speaking, social, business, personal and vocational skills as well as improving your cultural awareness. 


We understand that there are various reasons why people join Rotary. Our District aims to ensure that you are getting the most out of your membership. We, therefore, welcome any feedback on how we can improve on what we are doing.


The Rotary International theme for August is Membership growth and club development. There are several ways that you could look at attracting new members to join Rotary over this month. We have formed an Alumni Association; we are continuing to work on the chartering of an Intercountry passport club, Diplomatic Core clubs and a Military veteran club. We have also recently appointed dedicated pioneers who will be working on finding innovative ways of attracting new members into our Rotary Family. 


It is now easier than ever to start a satellite club, so if you have members of your network who are interested in Rotary but do not feel they fit into your current club structure, why not share the satellite club structure with them, if they can get eight people together, they can form their own club under your existing club structure. 


This month is also Women's month with Women's Day is on the 9th, why not approach a ladies book club or share information about Rotary with the ladies in your beauty or hair salon, this may be a great way of recruiting members to start a satellite club.


If you would like to join the District membership committee and help grow our membership contact Jack