I’m Marilyn Rautenbach from SPRINGS PARK ROTARY ANNS and I will be DG Stella Anyangwe’s DGA for 2021/22. But first, a bit of history.

1978 – SPRINGS PARK ROTARY CLUB is chartered – the second Rotary Club in the town. My late father, Tony Schaap, is one of the founding members.

41 years later it would be true to say that Rotary has always been part of my life. Earliest and fondest memories, as a teenager, of Rotary life and activities include:

- Manning a water table at the annual Kellogg’s 32 km road race

- Wandering around the Springs Airfield at the Classic Car shows my father used to organise

- Hosting the first SPRINGS PARK ROTARY exchange student

- The Medieval Banquets and annual R100 Christmas raffles.

It was a proud moment when my father received a Paul Harris award in 1996.

1999 - Fast forward and my husband, Mark, joins the SPRINGS PARK ROTARY CLUB. My brother Martin had joined 18 months earlier. I become an active Rotary Ann.

Initially Mark and I were very actively involved in Rotary life but unfortunately his deteriorating health due to diabetes complications (including a kidney transplant) eventually resulted in him having to take a back seat in Rotary activities.

I, however, continued as an active and enthusiastic Rotary Ann.

Tragically, Mark passed away in February last year and I am now able to become more actively involved in a Rotary Ann leadership role.

I have a daughter, Rochelle, who is a medical doctor practising in Durban and my son Anthony is involved in our family business.

During my term as DGA, I look forward to visiting all the Rotary Anns’ Clubs in District 9400 and meeting and sharing ideas with all our busy Rotary Anns.